Thursday, January 2, 2014

3D Proportion Project

Why are there little people?
and what are they doing?
Why have they gathered?

What's with the doctor???

Who's the big shot CEO?

...and WHY is everyone so TINY?!

This project, a 3D Project to scale, was made using many mediums: Clay, prismacolor pencils, foamboard, toothpicks, balsa-wood, spray paint... and more! I first made all of the sculpey clay figurines  7 & 1/2 centimeters tall (meant to mimic the 7& 1/2 head tall scale rule).
The theme of this project is culture influence on our self-esteem. The construction workers paint and prod the face of a somber looking young woman; a foreman and a fashion designer/ceo critique her while looking at 'blueprints' from a fashion magazine; a doctor makes marks for plastic surgery, showing some of the more extreme lengths that people go to for outward appearance.

Now, imagine that this girl is looking in the mirror. All of the little workers represent her insecurities; the black box is the inside of her mind, and we are looking from the inside of the mirror.

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