Wednesday, October 30, 2013

V-owl-intine (A sticky situation)

In planning for a 'sticky situation', I thought of how love or having a crush on someone can be a sticky situation. Sometimes people don't know how to show how they feel - and that is the semi-humorous meaning behind my painting.
The owl is flying towards the viewer, holding a human heart - poor, misunderstood fellow. He just can't figure out how to say how he feels.
My repetition, as required for the project, is in the feathers, layered one right after the other.

In thinking outside the box, I decided to attach real feathers to the canvas with hot glue, canvas scraps, and Guesso. 

Adding feathers provided the extra challenge of blending the painted feathers in with the real ones - something I hadn't tried to do before. 

When I finally finished Mr. Owl,  I learned that mixed media is a challenging, yet rewarding concept for me - I will be doing more mixed media in the future!

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