Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Charcoal Self-Portrait

For this piece, I first drew an oval (as the base for a head) and used anatomical drawing techniques to add rough features. I spent a great deal of time then refining those features and adding shading, then a neck and shoulders. After all of this was completed, I shaded in the background to provide a sense of where the light source is located in the piece. My very last step was to draw in my glasses.

MC Escher Inspired Drawing

This piece is based upon MC Escher's style and contains a building drawn in 3-point perspective - used to show great height. In making this, I first drew a horizon line, from which drew outwards to create my building. After I used a straight edge to create the lines and windows of the building, I drew in a serpent/squid animal, and the blades of grass at the top edge of the drawing. Then, the sky was sketched in, and all of my final shading was completed.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Landscape Project

This project was my personal favorite.

First, I selected a photo from which to work; I chose a picture which I took on my trip to Jamaica. In planning for this project, I did a marker sketch of my composition using sharpies. I painted from background to foreground, painting in objects after the landscape was finished. Atmospheric perspective is used to make objects/structures appear to be farther away - usually achieved by using shades and tints. By placing shadows beneath my objects, and creating a lighter surface in one portion of my painting, I indicated the light source. I used an analogous color scheme in my landscape (yellow, green, blue, blue green) and value (shadows) were used to show depth in my ocean, as well as the direction of the light source (sun).