Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ceramics Project

This piece was created with clay, is approximately 8" x 8" in dimension, and is 3/4" thick. Radial design was used on this roll-out clay piece; it included the use of Navajo Indian themed patterns. I personally use my piece as a loose change holder, and key-catcher. To create the design for this piece, I first drew out a radial design in my sketchbook, then transferred the design to thin, translucent paper. Then, I laid the paper over the clay and, using a toothpick to punch through, I transferred  that design onto my piece. Ceramics was not my strongest point, but I believe it gave me a firmer grasp on the art-style; If I were to repeat the project, I would roll my base out thinner, and would layer more red-clay paint onto my designs.

Pastel Still Life Project

The composition for this piece was planned by using a series of thumbnail sketches - small, quick sketches of the objects in various arrangements used to visually find the best positioning. A viewfinder was used to isolate areas of similar arrangements, further aiding the composition process. Items were made to appear 3-dimensional by the use of highlights and shadows, and the use of contor line shading. A light source was created by using tints (lighter shades of the same color) and white pastels.